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11th November 2011

Society Spotlight: Manchester Entrepreneurs

Written by Fahim SachedinaManchester Entrepreneurs (ME) have embarked on a stellar journey to becoming the number one enterprise society in the UK over the past year.

By Fahim Sachedina


Manchester Entrepreneurs (ME) have embarked on a stellar journey to becoming the number one enterprise society in the UK over the past year. We’ve not only been featured in numerous media outlets such as BBC radio, but have featured prominently on the National Consortium of University Entrepreneurs website.

Manchester Entrepreneurs was set up to create and educate a community of future business and society leaders. Our strong, ever-developing Alumni Network have gone on to create their own start-ups whilst others are now high performing employees of successful SMEs and FTSE companies.

We aim to run a variety of workshops and networking events that range from helping students enhance their business awareness, improve their sales skills through numerous event-led Sales Challenges (E.g. The Big Sales Challenge recently made the winners a profit of £235), and networking opportunities with Corporate firms like Bloomberg, Accenture and Jaguar Land Rover as well as many other associates who co-host events through the Manchester Entrepreneurs’ brand.

Being able to obtain inter-personal, team-working and sales skills are right at your doorstep, so why not grasp the opportunity with both hands and join us today on our mission to create positive contributors to our society by embracing the entrepreneurial culture embedded in ALL students, whatever your academic background may be? Whether you are a physical science student looking for resources to pursue an idea, to a marketing students looking to gain experience in applying the theory they learnt in their lectures to the real world scenario, there is something for everyone here at Manchester Entrepreneurs.

Stan Reinholds, President of the Manchester Entrepreneurs sees a bright future for ME: “I see ME as the most known student-run organisation in both universities (UoM and MMU) engaging over 500 students yearly”. Merging our society with that of the structure in Manchester Metropolitan University makes us a rare breed of society that has reached out to another university to expand the brand and scope for all events.

Manchester Entrepreneurs pride themselves their enterprising qualities, while never missing a good opportunity. The collaborative approach upon a plethora of students across a variety of academic-as well as international-backgrounds are clearly palpable, and demonstrate our potential to reach out across the mainstream flow of creative and enterprising students.

Our active use of social networking accounts provides the best platform for members to interact with each other, highlight upcoming business opportunities and keeping up with our latest events. So if you want to get involved in some capacity or have an idea which you feel is worth sharing, then contact us via our Facebook group and page: Manchester Entrepreneurs or follow our twitter account: @M_Entrepreneurs, as well as LinkedIn. We also have a cutting-edge website which should undoubtedly be visited if you are looking to learn more about our mission as well as external events happening in and around Manchester all enterprise-related!

We will also be working alongside The Manchester Enterprise Centre in support of the “Venture Out” competition. This is a great way for those with ideas on how to solve everyday problems to tangibly turn their idea into a functioning business. The competition requires only a side of A4 to be submitted, for the chance to win start-up capital of £400 as well as gain business support. The follow-on to this, the Venture Further competition which will be held in the second semester, awards those potential ideas with potentially £4000 worth of start-up capital with the most chance of success. Check out our website for more information, or feel free to contact us at: [email protected].


Ceri Wills

Ceri Wills

Former Societies editor (2011-2012).

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