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University of Manchester announce full divestment from fossil fuels

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Joining a society is something that comes so highly recommended to the student experience, yet here many of us are, some even in our final years of study and yet to attend one single society social or be actively engaged in any of their activities.

As nerve-wracking as it seems to join a society alone, with no previous contacts existing between you and other members, this anxiety is undoubtedly heightened at the prospect of joining several weeks into term. Friendship groups may already be established and the risk of being the only person stood in the circle unable to laugh along with “that time” seems far from appealing.

If these factors have prevented your attendance to events that you genuinely would have loved to have taken part in, you are not alone. Enough of all this worrying, it’s time to find out how these societies do actually respond to an enthusiastic “late-comer”.

Taking on the role of mystery shopper I shall report on the general wonderfulness (or not so much) of these wide and wonderful selection of societies we have here at the University of Manchester. Brilliant, experiencing a number of different societies at the same time as satisfying my life-long dream of being Miss.Marple, two birds one stone.


Yours anonymously, Jane Doe.

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Ceri Wills

Former Societies editor (2011-2012).
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