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16th November 2011

Live: Micron 5th Birthday @ Joshua Brooks

Very much an overlooked venue, Joshua Brooks provides a 5 star worthy night of music.

Micron 5th Birthday feat. The Revenge and Âme
Joshua Brooks
11th November
5 stars

In a city whose nightlife’s reputation is as great as Manchester’s, it’s often easy to get sidetracked by the bigger ‘brands’ and forget about the smaller goings on that enrich the city. Forget for a moment The Warehouse Project and the so-called ‘No. 1 Club in the World’, and focus instead on a little Victorian pub-cum-club on Princess St behind the BBC. Joshua Brooks battles against the sometimes overwhelming clubbing hegemony that these behemoths wield with some startling success; the likes of Derrick May, Stacey Pullen and Russ Yallop have played recently and line-ups later this month including nights with Axel Boman and DJ W!LD.

First to note about JB is its size; with a capacity of only 400 the club is never going to hold parties of the same scale as some of its larger competitors. However, this more intimate setting has a laid-back vibe where the crowd is as relaxed and easy going as the music policy. Even JB’s more student orientated nights, Moustache and Juicy, are unpretentious and fun.

Descending into its red brick Victorian basement, one is immersed into the night as it deepens into a sweaty rave; relief from which is provided by the less crowded pub upstairs or hanging out in the smoking area, a picturesque balcony that overlooks the peaceable river Medlock.

Friday saw the 5th Birthday of Micron, the shining star of underground house and techno in Manchester. This is however, all soon not to be, as Micron will be ending for good with its New Years Eve party with Justin Robertson. Much of JB’s recent success in it’s musical bookings can be attributed to Gareth Chubb, who was offered the job of booking artists and nights from his previous position at Micron and henceforth much of the newly ‘invigorated’ club is down to him.

Needless to say the night was a great success with Glasgow’s The Revenge tearing it up with his funky set, and Âme bringing in some really deep and soulful beats for the end. The crowd was excellent, the music was invigorating and everyone was in the festive birthday spirit.

There is no reason given for Micron’s ending (as the promoters say, “It just is”) and it is with great sadness that we will see it go, but we can with confidence expect more great things from this small and unassuming venue.

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