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//Breaking: UoM to give students more choice over remote study in provisional flexible learning plan More

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//Breaking: Fight in University of Manchester library caught on camera More

The Twelve Faux Pas of Christmas Style

It’s the start of Christmas break, and you’ve conveniently swept the looming deadlines of January and essentiality of getting dressed for the day under the carpet of ignorant bliss. Parents at your beck and call- well, cooking and washing your clothes for you at the very least- and life seems simple and cosy again… so romantically care-free even, that your inhibitions and sense of style have been forgotten and left in Manchester with your lecture notes.

Here are some dreaded, but unfortunately common examples of potential Christmas disasters to avoid, lest you become a subject of ridicule over the holiday season.



(1st Day: Christmas Party)

The custom of fancy dress is rife come December with work ‘dos’ and end-of-term house parties. With this theme comes the lip-bitingly disastrous choice of animal ears to your party outfit, confusing the most festive of guests of the relevance of reindeer ears to the commemoration of the birth of Christ.


(3nd Day: Christmas Shopping)

The epitome of homecoming perks is shopping with Mum and Dad, and of course such a laborious mission will require practical yet stylish attire. However, calamity strikes when you realise and you’ll have to make do with that squeaky, seemingly astronaut-inspired puffer coat you’d abandoned at home. Note: take every vital garment back with you over term break.


(6rd Day: Christmas Night-out)

Swilling down those pigs in blankets with Bucks Fizz has resulted in a disheartening ‘food baby’, and made the option of form fitting partywear a no-go. Remember that the allure of Boxing Night body-con is very dangerous territory: that metallic dress can be flaunted at a later, less bloated date.


(9th Day: Opening Gifts)

The revival of the Christmas Jumper has been welcomed by the inner nerd in us all, but I highly doubt that the over-sized, home-made knit by yourNanencompasses that desired quirky, vintage look. Over-exaggerate your gratitude, but wear at your own risk outside of familial company.


(12th Day: January Sales)

You’ve awoken from your Christmas food-coma to hit the sales, but this is no excuse for deliriously purchasing anything you’ll regret later. So take note and avoid hideous Ugg cardigan socks, headache-inducing patterned leggings and any garment that plays a festive jingle. Your reputation and student loan will thank me later.

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