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Emma Williams

Emma Williams

Student 101: the rise of mobile phone theft

Emma Williams discusses the recent increase in stolen smartphones – and offers tips on how to avoid being part of the ‘brick’ club…

The Ex-Factor: how not to be his psycho ex-girlfriend

Have you been called a psycho? Emma Williams defends exes that have a right to be angry

Ethical Style Icon: Emma Watson

Emma Williams presents a famous representative for ethically sourced fashion

Twenties Touches

Emma Williams explains how to dress Twenties without being full-on flapper…

Topshop Unique: The Inside Report

Emma Williams reports everything worth knowing from the Topshop Unique LFW show…

Peace of mind and goodwill to all students

Keep your house safe and sound over the Christmas break

The Twelve Faux Pas of Christmas Style

It’s the start of Christmas break, and you’ve conveniently swept the looming deadlines of January and essentiality of getting dressed for the day under the carpet of ignorant bliss. Parents at your beck and call- well, cooking and washing your clothes for you at the very least- and life seems simple and cosy again… so […]

What ‘grinds my gears’: Being a skint student

The art of student ‘budgeting’ – having enough money for vodka and clothes but not for rent