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Begrudgingly, I have to admit that this week features a pretty disappointing trip the PhotoSoc Still Life Workshop. Having recently become the owner of a ‘camera with a million features, yet only managing to successfully operate the auto function, I thought this would present a good opportunity to gain a little helpful insight from somebody in the know.

But on arrival, I found myself pretty confused about what was going on. There wasn’t any introduction from existing society members, and it wasn’t clear at all who was running the workshop. A few people seemed to be making a half-hearted attempt at setting up the equipment, but after 20 minutes of absolutely no interaction, I bailed. Whether it came together in the end, I’m not sure, but for future events PhotoSoc would definitely benefit from some element of leadership, or at least a hello to new-comers!

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Ceri Wills

Former Societies editor (2011-2012).

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