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Students vote to name mascot after former student

Following an online poll of students, the previously unnamed University of Manchester Students’ Union penguin mascot will now be known as ‘Mike Joslin’, after a recent graduate of University of Manchester known for his political activism.

‘Michel Foucault’ attracted the second highest number of votes, with ‘Margaret Thatcher’ coming in third. The poll, held via the University of Manchester Students’ Union Facebook Page attracted nearly 200 votes.

The mascot is being displayed around students’ union buildings in order to promote the upcoming union elections.

Mr Joslin, who graduated in 2009 and currently works as head of Digital Campaigning for Ken Livingstone, told The Mancunion that he was “honoured” to have the mascot named after him, adding,

“I’d like to thank the ordinary students who put students first making an Incredible Union.”

Students’ Union Communication’s Officer, Jeremy Buck, told The Mancunion that anything that encourages students to get involved with the upcoming elections is a good thing,

“We need to people to stand in these elections, that’s what this is about, that’s what we’re aiming for.”



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