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The International Society finalises merger into the Students’ Union

The International Society finalises merger into the Students’ Union

The International Society had existed as an independent charity since 1966
SU branded ‘unhelpful’ for failing to support NSS boycott

SU branded ‘unhelpful’ for failing to support NSS boycott

This SU is democratically mandated to support an NSS boycott via an active senate motion

Interview: Alex Tayler

Alex Tayler answers our questions on the SU’s refurbishment, the recent All Students Vote, and local student Facebook groups

“Black History Month reminds me how important voice is.”

Ariel Nash reflects on what Black History Month means to her and the powerful potential of the BME movement in art and culture

Review: Black History Month student-staff networking event

Diana Khasa reviews one of BME MCR’s Black History Month events

Check the Exec!

The Mancunion profiles the members of the Students’ Union Executive Team and takes a look at what you can expect from the Union in the forthcoming year

Chancellor scraps maintenance grants

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne announced today that students from households with less than £25000 income will be forced to borrow all of their maintenance financing in loans, replacing the current grant system

Live: Students’ Union Exec election results

The Mancunion is covering the announcements results of the Exec elections live from Club Academy

Students’ Union elections smash turnout records

Over one in four students have now voted in the sabbatical elections, smashing both national and university records

Exec Elections Hustings Live

The Mancunion liveblogs the unofficial hustings for this year’s Exec Team elections

Student activists learn from radical left Syriza Youth in Athens

Union Education Officer and 20 others made the journey to Greece during the snap elections which saw socialist coalition Syriza take power in Athens

NUS voting deadline extended after candidates cry foul play

The voting deadline was extended, after the Education Officer of UMSU was accused of using her position to influence the outcome of the vote.

All Student Vote cancelled after admin error

A Student referendum had to be cancelled after the Students’ Union failed to uphold the guidelines dictating its publication last month. The University of Manchester Students’ Union’s Returning Officer Emma Powell, who is responsible for the good conduct and administration of UMSU referendums, put a stop to the recent All Student Vote after a complaint […]

Coke back in Students’ Union

No motion to continue the Union’s ban on the product was submitted

Liveblog: Save Our NHS demo

Updates from the Save Our NHS demo in Manchester

The Executive Team doesn’t need a Men’s Officer

With an idea having been submitted to the upcoming Union assembly claiming ‘equal representation’, we examine if this is what a men’s officer would achieve…

Manchester Bhangra Society

Rajkumar Khera talks about dancing, culture, Pangaea and The Bhangra Showdown

Should Students’ Union executive candidates be allowed to campaign with iPads?

With increased accusations of voter intimidation and the inequity to allowing a tool to be used that costs hundreds, we ask whether iPads should be allowed

Society Spotlight

Find out how to try something new in 2013 with Society Spotlight

Winter Wonderland Pangaea 2013

Julian Wakefield’s shots from Pangaea 2013