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2nd November 2015

Review: Black History Month student-staff networking event

Diana Khasa reviews one of BME MCR’s Black History Month events

The networking event at the start of Black History Month was intriguing, and I’m glad I attended it. It was my very first time meeting a number of BME staff all at once here in Manchester, which is a rare thing. I study a small course and for the past two years at university, I’ve only been taught one module by a BME lecturer. That’s how rare it is to come across BME staff.

I’m used to Black History Month being all about phenomenal individuals like Dr. King who spent years fighting for the rights of black people. Not that there is anything wrong with celebrating these historical people, but there are also other stories left untold and issues left unspoken in our current time, and I think that Black History Month is a perfect occasion to raise awareness of such issues and speak out loud.

The BME student officer did an amazing job bringing us, the students and staff, together to network. As a BME student I really appreciate the platform that was made available to meet and have a discussion with BME staff at university.  It was a thoughtful way of starting the special month, as I truly felt empowered by those who understand our lives as BME students in Manchester better than anybody else.

I hope there will be many more opportunities to meet BME staff here in Manchester.

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