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Review: Nut (MIFTA)

Review: Nut (MIFTA)

Ellie Klouda reviews Nut at the SU Theatre, which is part of UMDS’ MIFTA season
Exclusionary student politics

Exclusionary student politics

Nimo Omer deplores the lack of encouragement for BME groups to enter into political circles at University
Government plans aim to crack down on ethnic disparity in universities

Government plans aim to crack down on ethnic disparity in universities

Universities could lose their positions on league tables if they refuse to do more to tackle ethnic disparity
History departments branded ‘overwhelmingly white’

History departments branded ‘overwhelmingly white’

Sophie Marriott explores Manchester University’s reaction to recent revelations by the Royal Historical Society regarding the distinct lack of racial diversity in the study of history in higher education.
Black History Month: Food and Cultural Identity

Black History Month: Food and Cultural Identity

Hear from two Manchester residents about the importance of food in their cultural identity.

Muslim students harassed for praying on campus

Troubling reports have emerged of Muslim students suffering harassment whilst praying on campus

Lemn Sissay launches university scheme to boost number of black males in legal sector

Poet and broadcaster Lemn Sissay, the Chancellor of The University of Manchester, launches a new university bursary designed to increase the number of black males embarking on careers in law and the criminal justice sector

Manchester Labour Students co-chair quits amid ‘institutional racism’ and ‘leak’ allegations

Mo Ahmed, co-chair of Manchester Labour Students, resigned whilst attending the party’s youth conference owing to allegations directed at him regarding leaks and institutional racism at the conference

White working class children are less likely to attend university than ethnic minorities

A study has shown that white British children are less likely to attend university than other ethnic groups

“Black History Month reminds me how important voice is.”

Ariel Nash reflects on what Black History Month means to her and the powerful potential of the BME movement in art and culture

Review: Black History Month student-staff networking event

Diana Khasa reviews one of BME MCR’s Black History Month events

Goldsmiths Diversity Officer charged over racism allegations

Bahar Mustafa will appear in court on the 5th of November to answer charges of “threatening” and “obscene” communications

Manchester claims racial equality charter mark

Eight UK universities have been given the award by the Equality Challenge Unit, which also honours institutions for gender equality

What Black History Month Means to Me

At the university, it’s Black History Month every October. A few students were asked what Black History Month meant to them