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Year in Review 2019: Interview with Nancy Rothwell

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Loving and Loathing

Loving: Spring’s new nail shades

With the new season’s trends comes a new palette of nail colours, a relatively inexpensive way to channel Spring’s aesthetic without the perils of a trip to Topshop. Floral hues, playful greens and tones reminiscent of sunrise are all an appropriate injection of colour to help coax out the bourgeoning transition from winter’s endless monochrome.


Loathing: Louis Vuitton monogram mania

One an emblem of wealth, sophisticated and a penchant for decadence, the Louis Vuitton monogram has been mercilessly overused and duplicated to hawk the tackiest of tack by market vendors globally. The latest monstrosity  to be adorned with the logo is the work of a Range Rover owner in Bournemouth, who has used the trend of ‘vehicle wrapping’ to proclaim his/her love of Vuitton and lack of taste to the nation.

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Claudia Canavan

Former fashion editor (2011-2012).

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