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Claudia Canavan

Claudia Canavan

Former fashion editor (2011-2012).

Loving and Loathing

What we’re loving and loathing this week

New Year, New(ish) You

A round up of pieces to lead you into the New Year

F is for… Freud

‘I paint people, not because of what they are like, not exactly in spite because of what they are like, but how they happen to be’; so said Lucien Freud, the recently deceased grandson of Sigmund, acclaimed artist and friend to a host of international fashion icons. Characterized by his creativity, charm and apparent disregard […]

Don’t Cry for me, Christopher Kane

Fashion hysteria soars to new heights.

Donatella’s Diffusion Line

Is the latest High Street meets High Fashion collaboration a success?

Model Behavior?

Should an individual’s private conduct impinge upon their professional status?

Autumn/ Winter 2011 Moodboads: Feel the Beat

An exploration of what it means to be ‘Beat Chic’ this season.

Loving and Loathing: 15/09/11

What we’re loving and loathing in fashion this week.

Has the Death Knell Sounded for Print Fashion Journalism?

As the online empire begins to encompass the media in it’s entirety, does print journalism have the longevity to remain a worthwhile medium?