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What really happened with the fences? University of Manchester releases inquiry findings

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Has the Death Knell Sounded for Print Fashion Journalism?

As a member of a society firmly ensnared by the internet’s inescapable grasp- complete with fashion blogs, online magazines and instantly updated news sites- the question of the necessity of print journalism is one which is hardly avoidable. The process of assembly and distribution arguably renders a paper such as this hopelessly old fashioned and unable to hold the attention of a student with a phone that acts as a portal to the online world and all of its ‘wonders’.  In an attempt to quash this simplistic view and defend my career path, I point to the views of British Vogue editor and high priestess of our country’s fashion journalists:  Alexandra Shulman.

In the September issue of her esteemed publication, she accepts that magazine’s are largely no longer the medium through which fashion news is transmitted. The blogsphere means that news travels from the ivory towers of the fashion elite to the fingertips of professional and amateur gossip mongers within hours- offering an instant gratification analogous to a sugar high. But, just like a mini Mars bar, it is a moment of snatched pleasure which leaves no genuine sense of satisfaction and may quickly result in a slump.

For it is undisputable that any other form of media communicates the range and depth of talent that a fashion magazine can deliver.  The visual spectacular of photo shoots- showcasing a hub of creativity from photographer and model alike, is shown best in all of its vivid, non- pixalated  glory when expressed via the pages of a tangible piece of media. Rather than digesting a hastily assembled, often poorly written few paragraphs detailing the work of a designer, one can enjoy a full, balanced story crafted by a talented professional. And whilst we on the fashion pages certainly make no claim to possess the means or the experience to successfully emulate the visual and literary feast that is a monthly glossy, we do hope to provide more than the scramble of words and photos that can often be found jostling for attention in the murky waters of the web.

And so, for reading this, may I extend my sincerest thanks and gratitude. You may now turn your attention back to your chosen smartphone.




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Claudia Canavan

Former fashion editor (2011-2012).
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