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21st September 2012

From the do-able to the downright doolally

Jessica Cusack gives you the top 10 hair and make-up trends

1)    Bright, geometric eye shadow/liner – also experiment with the shape of your eye make-up; bring it higher with a dramatic sweep to the temples or lower with a quirky dot below the eye. Basically, draw shapes on your face. It’s fun.

2)    Heavily blushed cheeks – so you can look like you’re flushed from romancin’ any day of the week. Yes, even in the library. (Please note that in some sections of the John Rylands University Library blusher is not required – you will be permanently red in the face from the heating, which is always on. You have been warned.)

3)    Plum lips – like you’ve been bitten (aka the Twilight craze affecting what we put on our faces). Do clear, clean skin, no mascara and a deep plum lip. Hot. Warning: only attempt with lipstick. Do not actually bite your lips to achieve this look. But if someone else is biting your lips, that’s none of my business; what you do in your own spare time is up to you.

4)    Sketched lashes – spidery and fun. And so much easier than faffing around with fake eyelash glue, which inevitably ends in sticking your eyes together and hopping around the house shouting for help.

5)    Coloured mascara – an ’80s contribution to make-up has a come back – Lord save us. But against all odds it looks fab. See Stella McCartney, who did electric blue. Also try deep purple.

6)    Bold appliqués on face – looks incredible (see Miu Miu) but possibly a bit OTT for lectures. But if anyone does go into their 9am with mirrors stuck on their face, you are a legend and please send me a picture.

7)    Lana del Rey hair – as in a bouffant. Oh yes.

8)    Top Knot – always lovely when the fashion world helps a sister out by making frantically shoving your unwashed hair on top of your skull in a mad rush to make the bus ‘on trend’.

9)    Bright nails – I often find a neon polish cheers everyone up. Also gives you something to marvel at during lectures. Glitter nail varnish is also spectacular but take heed: it takes approximately an hour to get off your nails. It’s basically sparkly superglue.

10) Eyebrows – to actually have them and not pluck them to within an inch of their hairy little lives. Put down the tweezers, ladies. Put ‘em down.

Jessica Cusack

Jessica Cusack

3rd Year English Literature student who enjoys taking a break from academic writing to explore the more aesthetic things in life… Looking forward to this year on-board The Mancunion as Beauty Editor.

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