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23rd September 2012

Loving & Loathing

Jake Pummintr reveals all that he is Loving & Loathing this week in Fashion

Loving: Lana Del Rey for H&M Autumn/Winter 2012 Campaign

It is only fitting that the H&M Autumn/Winter 2012 campaign features the 21st Century pin-up sensation and pouty seductress, Lana Del Rey for it resembles all that we love about Old Hollywood. The oversized pink angora jumper, velvet heels and loudly patterned tights are but a few of the pieces I expect to be heavily coveted when the collection is released in stores. H&M seem to have a knack with associating themselves with the right crowd in that their signature collaborations with superlux brands always end up in empty clothes rails. The next designer collaboration is with Maison Martin Margiela that is expected to be released in stores on the 15th November. You will see me in the queue.


Loathing: Flip-flops around campus

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

It is an age-old tale to wear flip-flops with your outfit when walking to and from Sainsbury’s on a Sunday morning when you are suffering the consequences from drinking yourself into oblivion the night before. This I can understand. The decision to wear flip-flops to university or around town however is something that warrants a Joan Rivers fashion rant, especially when the heavens are permanently open and when we are experiencing single-figured temperatures. Sorry lads, but it is the male contingent is guilty of this crime. It would seem that flip-flops worn with tracksuit bottoms and some form of sports top have become the unspoken uniform of the AU crowd. Flip-flops are not everyday outerwear. Period.

Jake Pummintr

Jake Pummintr

Second year student of English Literature and Spanish at the University of Manchester. One of two Fashion Editors of The Mancunion this academic year.

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