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Jake Pummintr Articles

What does fashion mean to you?

The editors’ question for the week…

Made of Multiculturalism

Great British Mag &Selfridges host an evening of glamour and sartorial splendour celebrating the International Student culture in Britain.

Inside the Outsider: Interview

This week ‘The Mancunion’ interviews Noorin Khamisani, the founder of ethical fashion brand, Outsider.

Inside the Outsider

Does ethical fashion come at too high a price? Grainne Morrison and Jake Pummintr investigate…

How to be a Warehouse cliché

Jake Pummintr sacrifices his weekend for an evening of people watching.

Craving & Saving

Lusting after something that you simply cannot afford right now? Here is the high street alternative…

Loving & Loathing

Jake Pummintr reveals all that he is Loving & Loathing this week in Fashion

Top 5 London Fashion Week Collections (so far…)

At the end of London Fashion Week Day 3, I present the Top 5 Sartorial Highlights from the catwalks…

Craving and Saving

Both brilliant shoes, but one’s affordable, and the other’s pricey

From Aztec to Hicks: Fashion Grows Up

Jack Pummintr tells you everything you need to know to be ‘on trend’ this Autumn/Winter

Opinion: Nights out in Manchester

Following on from the Music section’s ever so controversial opinion piece: Why I Hate Murkage…

For the Boys: Festive Party wear

Whether it’s a Christmas dinner with the family or a soirée in the city with friends, here at The Mancunion, we’ve got Party-wear 101 sorted.

Comme des Garçonnes: A Man’s take on Androgynous Dressing

Androgynous style is certainly not limited to the female contingent!