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For the Boys: Festive Party wear


Whether it’s a Christmas dinner with the family or a soirée in the city with friends, here at The Mancunion, we’ve got Party-wear 101 sorted. Chinos and leavers’ hoodies are to be left in the wardrobe (not that we are condoning the usage of leavers’ hoodies) and it’s high time that blazers and smart shoes were welcomed back. The menswear must-have is a statement belt. It has the power to bring an outfit together, not to mention the fact that it keeps trousers on the waist rather than showcasing your embarrassing underwear for all to see… For all you colour-phobes out there who wear nothing but navy, black and grey clothes (myself included), a statement belt will justify your somewhat boring, or arguably “classic” colour choices. Steer clear from soft-material woven belts and opt instead for coloured leather or a belt with a bold buckle. This Vivienne Westwood belt might seem garish to some but it does the trick whilst bringing a little Christmas sparkle into the mix. Its meaty price tag of £120 does mean however, that it will most probably be on the Christmas wishlist but remember that there is always a high-street alternative. Go forth and spread the Christmas cheer…


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Jake Pummintr

Second year student of English Literature and Spanish at the University of Manchester. One of two Fashion Editors of The Mancunion this academic year.
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