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What does fashion mean to you?

“I have no desires, save the desire to express myself in defiance of all the world’s muteness.” – Vladimir Nobakov

“Fashion means diversity, variety and creativity.” – Nuala

“People spending too much money for a name that doesn’t exactly mean quality.” – Stefan

“Fashion in England? To me that means wearing way weird clothes and not washing your hair but twice a week.” – Katy

“Fashion is an expression of oneself, a way to signify who you are, where you come from and what you believe in.” –  Matthew
“Have you seen me? Not a lot…” – Mike
“It is a way of communicating who you are and if you are having a bad day, it can help turn things around.” – Dana
“It gives you confidence to approach everyday challenges” – Zara
“It means that I can convey a different look every single day. It is never boring and it is something everyone has to partake in, whether they like it or not.” – Jake
“It means people respect me because I look good.” – Candice
“Fashion is a pretentious fallacy that I don’t care about, I’d rather wear comfortable clothes than those that would impress other people.” – Joshua
“Fashion is feeling good about yourself, taking inspiration from places and people and putting them together to make something that is your own, something that you are proud of and enjoyed creating.” – Emma
“Fashion is to impress the boys.” – Wanda
“Fashion is a snapshot of what you like or how you feel at a particular time, because of its ever-changing state and the way in which we choose certain looks over others.” – Emma
“Fashion to me means feeling good and wearing clothes I love, having fun with how I dress and not taking it all too seriously.” – Chessie
“Well, if i really dont like what I’m wearing then I’m not having a good day. Fashion can determine my mood.” – Romana

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