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25th September 2012

60 seconds with… PINS

The PINS tell us all within a minute.

This week Keir caught up with Pins’ Lois and Faith at MCR Scenewipe’s ‘All Killer, All Dayer’ event In Aid of Mental Health Research UK.

How did you guys form?

Faith: We just met and started playing music together really (laughs). Went through some band changes as it didn’t work out and then settled on us four.

Some music critics have labelled your music feminist. What’s your take?

Lois: We didn’t really set out to be a ‘feminist’ band. We just found that we worked better generally with girls and that’s how it took off. But at the same time we appreciate the cause. It’s pretty annoying when people describe us as a ‘girlband’ though. If you going to do that then you should probably call all bands with just boys in ‘boybands’ as well then.

Have you got any tips for people wanting to make it big in a band?

Faith: You’ve just got to write lots of material and be prepared to chuck it away (laughs)! Just practice all the time and get as many gigs as possible. It’s not easy that’s for sure and you need a bit of luck along the way as well.

Any up and coming events on your calendar?

Lois: We’ve got a tour coming up in October (Ed – playing Manchester Soup Kitchen on October 13th) which is in the UK and then a couple of dates at the end of the month in France as well.

Faith: We also have our LUVU4LYF ep coming out on October 1st which you can pre-order online.

PINS website is and tickets for their upcoming tour are available now

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