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3rd October 2012

Size is never an issue: the pros and cons of being with a girl, by a girl

Claudia gives us her personal take on being in a same-sex relationship

First of all, the rumours are true, the sex is mind blowing. Girls are soft and sexy and with two sets of boobs in the bed, there is no room for complaining. Girls know their own bodies and are, in turn, more knowledgeable when it comes to satisfying the girl they’re with. In my experience, girls are very generous.

As a girl who likes girls, I can also confess that sex is not limited to the bedroom, or the shower, or even the car for that matter. Changing rooms and club toilets are just some of the locations where lesbian couples can get away with things that straight couples normally cannot. Plus, size is never an issue. With unlimited resources in various shapes and sizes, satisfaction is almost always guaranteed.

Sex aside, being able to go shopping with your partner and not disagreeing about which shops to visit, is a definite positive. Sharing make up, clothes and often friends makes life easier and your sleepover bags lighter. Girls, on average, are also more understanding which aids communication and makes for a stronger relationship.

But, as with all relationships, it isn’t all plain sailing. Being with a girl often means synchronised periods – for example. So that’s double the dose of PMS – one painful week of over emotional mood swings, stomach cramps and all round bitchiness.

Whilst it’s not always negative, lesbians seem to be in the habit of progressing through the stages of a relationship at lightning speed. Having told my now girlfriend I loved her before officially giving her that title, I am especially guilty of this. For whatever reason, we just can’t seem to wait.

In my opinion, the ultimate downside of being a girl who likes girls is the truck load of stereotypical questions that come your way. ‘Which one of you is the man in the relationship?’ and ‘Who’s going to wear the wedding dress?’ being my particular favourites.

Being part of a lesbian couple is not without its difficulties, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

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