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What’s a night out without the joy of getting ready at home beforehand? This isn’t a modern day phenomenon that is sweeping the nation but a long-standing tradition that has been central to British cultural history. Even the likes of George Orwell have commented on how the working class was able to dress up in the fashion of the 1920s and 1930s, attend dance halls and feel one hundred percent part of the popular contemporary style of the time, despite the fact their reality was often dark, difficult and economically challenging. For many, confidence on the inside comes from the outside -the power of fashion.

The 1920s witnessed the birth of the ‘Flapper’, a huge cultural revolution following the end of the First World War. Celebration was on the cards. Re-create this Flapper style by bearing in mind these 5 staple items:

1. Rouge lips. Think Mac matte lipstick in Russian Red.

2. Fringed dress: Layers of fringed tassels. Lace, sequins and fine detailing are all welcome.

3. Headbands: Go for an all over headscarf or roll one into a headband. Very ‘Great Gatsby.’ Liberty of London has an amazing range, probably just to look at rather than buy. Surely no one can justify £55 on a headscarf?


4. Shoes: Mary Jane, Peep Toes or T-Straps, any of the above will do. Whatever’s most comfortable; minimum pain, maximum movement. If anyone has a spare £550, Jimmy Choo has a gorgeous pair of Mary Jane shoes this season.

5. Pearls: Long and luxurious. Your grandma or mum may even have a pair you could nab.

If the style of the 1920s is something that you’d like to flaunt, then head down to one of Manchester’s best up-and-coming nights, the Wall Street Mash on 1st November 2012. Resident artists: Dutty Moonshine. You won’t be disappointed!


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