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Watches: A Timeless Accessory

When you think of accessories your mind may drift towards the more feminine range – necklaces, bracelets etc. Those aside, there isn’t a huge variety or choice in fashionable jewellery for men. However, watches are a safe and timeless classic for any gentleman.

What I want to do is find a range of watches suitable for a student budget available around Manchester, which will also stand the test of time. So here’s my breakdown:

Photo: Topshop

Rubz Watches: 4 for £10 – TOPMAN online
For the very cheap and cheerful these watches come in at just £2.50 each and come in some very… interesting colours. Whether it’s Warehouse, BOP or just the gym, these come at a great piece to act as a back up for your nicer watch that you don’t want destroyed along with your liver and pre-alcohol rationality.


Casio Silver Retro Digital Watch: £28 – Urban Outfitters
Everyone has one, so why shouldn’t you? This is a classic Casio design, a little less bling than it’s gold counterpart and a backlight too, so even in the dingiest parts of Manchester you’ll know how long it is until that dreaded 9am.

Photo: Swatch

Swatch New Gent Collection, Brown Rebel: £44.50 – Swatch
Swatch. A classic brand that always showcases unique designs. Their watches all come with a 2 year warranty and are very reasonable despite their label. This watch also features a day and date function; useful for any student who’s not entirely sure what’s going on around them in this bubble we call university.

Photo: Fossil

Roman Leather Watch (Brown): £85 – Fossil
If you feel like spending a bit more or have been saving for a bit and don’t want to breach the £100 marker, this is a very classic, professional watch, with a symmetrical and neat design that is good for both casual and formal occasions.

Photo: House of Fraser

Mondaine Evo Big Date Mens Watch: £165 – House of Fraser
Whether it’s your birthday or loan day and you want to splash out, Mondaine are my personal favourite for watches. Their very classic and simple look is taken from the iconic railway time pieces the company originally made and the style has now also been used by Apple on their new Clocks app in the iOS 6 update for iPad.

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