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Miles Zilesnick

Miles Zilesnick

The good, the bad and the denim

Taking the tack by the horns, Miles Zilesnick ventures into Manchester sporting not double, but triple denim. Here’s what happened…

Dos & Don’ts: From hired to fired

Miles Zilesnick gives some simple style DOs and DON’Ts for that all-important interview.

Match That Tat

Miles Zilesnick has taken a look at some of the worst celebrity tattoos we’ve seen date. Can you match them up?


As Manchester weather seems to be going through an awkward bout of puberty, Miles Zilesnick highlights three key pieces to help men through “the change”.

Here come the boys

Move over ladies and put away those ball gowns. Miles Zilesnick is taking a look at the men on the red carpet and here are his nominees for best dressed.

Top 5: Sexy ad campaigns

Miles Zilesnick on the industry’s most sexy ad campaigns. That was sexy, not necessarily naked.

Blogwatch: For The Young Dude (FTYD)

What blogs we’re watching this week

We wish you a trendy Christmas, and a stylish new year

Miles Zilesnick anticipates the sartorial madness that the festive season entails…

The Artist: Long Live McQueen

Miles Zilesnick on whether the people at Alexander McQueen take the ‘art’ aspect too far…

Tramp Chic: Pour Homme

Tramp Chic 101: A class all students attend.

Watches: A Timeless Accessory

Miles Zilesnick goes through his pick of the best wrist candy for the dapper gentleman.

One for One?

We all know TOMS espadrilles but are they as ethical as they sell themselves to be? Miles Zilesnick investigates

A Lush Profile

More than just a niche beauty brand, Lush is proof that beauty has a conscience