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28th February 2013

Here come the boys

Move over ladies and put away those ball gowns. Miles Zilesnick is taking a look at the men on the red carpet and here are his nominees for best dressed.

Robert Pattinson

While I’m aware the elusive R-Patz is the receiver of much hate, I’m not one to go along with it. Ignoring the Twilight franchise, which he hates, he’s been in some pretty decent films. However, he’s often seen with some particularly trampy pieces (not including Kristen Stewart) but did brush up exceptionally well for the premiere of Breaking Dawn Part II, as shown wearing this green Gucci suit. Whoever said red and green should never be seen was clearly wrong.

Paired with a pale shirt, dark tie and trimmed stubble he almost looks like a sexy leprechaun, albeit much taller, with brown hair and minus the accent. It’s well fitting too, which is vital with such a bold choice of suit, but then again, he is a leading man. I feel like this is a faultless choice for a premiere; however I’m glad it’s just that and not the Oscars, which should be less “snazzy”.


Alec Baldwin

By no means am I saying Alec Baldwin isn’t a fashionable man, but I wouldn’t go so far as to label him a style icon. If anyone knows his character from 30 Rock then you’ll know he’s no stranger to suits. At the Cannes Film Festival though he whipped out this saucy number, and I’m not talking about his date.

This midnight blue tux stands out but not in an obvious way. It still exuberates class and is tailored perfectly. With his satin bow tie and A-list smile Alec Baldwin should be welcomed on any red carpet. The lapels are a beautiful touch as well, breaking the suit up without being tacky. This is a great example of a twist on a classic, as the suit is very close to the black classic but gives him a very subtle and sartorial edge.


Edward Norton

Classically untouched: sometimes the simple look is the best choice in men’s fashion, especially on the red carpet. The paparazzi may just be holding cameras, but a bad shot can be as harmful as if they were armed with guns. Edward Norton however, looks dashing in this dark grey suit, with a skinny tie to complement his slim physique.

I think for any man who faces a red carpet and wants a traditional style without too much glam, this is a great example. Well groomed too, this look has it all. Although it is a given that a man’s options are significantly less than woman’s, you’d think it would be hard to go wrong.

The most important point in this piece though is the tailoring. With something as humble as this suit, if the fit was wrong then it would all go wrong. An ill-fitting jacket can be as glaringly obvious as a wandering bra strap and there’s simply no point wearing a £3000 suit if it’s going to fit like a bin bag.

Brad Pitt and ‘the leg’. Photo:

Brad Pitt

If you can look away from Angelina Jolie’s leg for a moment and focus on its date, you can see Chanel’s main man looking much more dapper than in the recent advertising campaign. There is nothing to question about the clothes Brad is wearing here. It’s an archetypal black tuxedo, but it’s a timeless look nevertheless. With a crisp white shirt and simple satin bow tie paired with some smart and well-polished shoes, Brad Pitt is showing that he doesn’t need to try. The Oscars aren’t an event to mess about with. I’m sure Helen Mirren’s pink do will be gone in time for this year’s as well. Take another look at Angelina’s leg if you’d like. Brad’s style here even makes up for his scruffier grooming appearance. And despite his pretty casual pose, the suit still gives him class. I’d be tempted to throw one of these on Joaquin Phoenix and see if it would work the same magic – like painting walls some off-white colour to make a room “minimalist”.

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