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The good, the bad and the denim

Taking on men’s tack was a fun challenge, and I went interactive this week and donned what could nearly have been described as a denim suit. I had the jeans, shirt and jacket: the deathly hallows of denim.

Fortunately as I dressed myself I was thankful that I had a mixture of three different denims. This was the one redeeming feature in what had the potential to be a deeply disturbing outfit.

Meeting my friends for morning lecture I expected the worst. I got a simple look up and down from one who merely uttered “Why?” Others were a bit blunter with straightforward abuse. Needless to say I was a bit shocked by the amount of people who liked it. My Instagram and Twitter had a lot more positive than the odd and confused looks I got from wandering through the Students Union. I had even convinced myself that I was possible able to pull of this look – we all have these moments of fashion blindness though.

picture: Melissa Malala

picture: Melissa Malala

Unfortunately, I am not Justin Timberlake (and fortunately not Britney), so I think it’s a wise move to steer away from the double or triple denim for the time being. Unless of course you can find me a denim cowboy hat lying around in Affleck’s Palace somewhere…




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