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Tramp Chic: Pour Homme

Tramp chic is a confusing trend: it presents you as part of a lower level of society, even lower than your current student status. For such a relaxed “I don’t care look” too, it can take an awful lot of effort to achieve it. Think about how some may style their ‘out of bed’ hair look for a good half and hour, so everyone knows they care about not caring.

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And for those lads who care about looking like they don’t, here my step by step guide to tramp chic…

Step 1: Before the clothes even come into question you need to think about your overall appearance. This can start by letting your facial hair grow for a bit. Don’t be afraid to trim and keep it a little neat. It’s tramp chic, not just tramp.

Step 2: With facial hair sorted, we turn the attention to the mop on your head. Nothing really to do here except grap a beanie and cover up. This style is all about keeping warm so a hat is perfect in this respect.

Step 3: Tops are next. Any plain t-shirt will do, make sure it’s clean though, you don’t need an accompanying smell to go along with the look. Then to go over this a knee length parka will do, especially in Manchester for that Gallagher effect. The fur hood is very much needed too just for the chic effect.

Step 4: Going down now we need to focus on trousers. My recommendation is going to be skin-tight skinnies, with some optional tears in the knees. My choice on colour would be black or grey, but this can be mixed up.

Step 5: Shoes. This one is pretty open, either some military leather boots would work well, or an old beaten up pair of Converse would be appropriate too.

Step 6: The finishing touches can add to it all, so get a pair of fingerless gloves to begin with, a nice watch and a couple of bangles or festival bands for your wrists and you’re set for that Tramp Chic look.

Now, you have the steps for the style go and trawl through Oldham Street for all the cheap vintage stores, and remember Afflecks too. One of my prized jumpers came from there and was a mere £2, in true tramp chic style.

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