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We wish you a trendy Christmas, and a stylish new year

Layers, layers, layers. Probably the most sensible way to dress, but lets face it, how many of us ever go out dressed sensibly? In case you’re lost for inspiration or stuck in a wardrobe rut, here’s my rundown of holiday fashion.

Christmas Day anything goes, (except Crocs, but that’s more of a life choice). Different families have different traditions; in my household we all get a little dressed up but I know others who stay in their pyjamas all day too. Either way you’re unlikely to leave the house bar the post lunch walk.

Though this is the ‘comfy’ holiday there are plenty of spots for you to spruce up and deck the halls, whether it’s the staff party or you’re out on Christmas Eve. My key item for these events is a nice blazer. My most festive is a red velvet piece. A lot of shops now have blazers to suit very individual styles. They are perfect to pair with T-shirts, jeans or even for a smarter situation. If you’re going for a shirt as well try an open collar or a loose tie. I love bow-ties but they don’t need to be seen on every occasion.

Finally we get to New Year’s, one of the biggest nights of the party year for some. What will you be wearing to bring on 2013? Generally I spend this time with friends at some type of house party, allowing a smart casual look, but with some welcome ‘snazz’ whether it’s a studded tie, or printed trousers it’s a perfect time of the year to stand out. Last year was a tad more hectic for me though after working an 8 hour shift, getting 4 hours of trains and making it to the party just in time for the countdown, I seemed more ‘scruffy snazz’ but fortunately it was still a great night.

So when the countdown begins, make sure you’re ready to greet 2013 with style.

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