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The weather in Manchester now is confusing to say the least. If you’re anything like me and have given up on weather apps to avoid the horrid realisation that your iPhone is most likely taunting you with the idea of sun then here’s what you need. I’ve broken down my three key pieces to help you transition your wardrobe whilst the weather attempts to settle on something.

First off is my new obsession: brogues. I bought a brown pair last week and they are quite simply the best things ever. For a classic look, perfect for any smart to smart-casual affair, they’ve been glued to my feet like a pair a ruby slippers. Prices can range from as little as £38 (though they are less likely to be leather) to hundreds of pounds. I’d highly recommend a pair.




Next on my hit list are Oxford shirts. I know, another classic that you may think is boring but they’re such versatile pieces. Even browsing ASOS now whilst writing I have to restrain myself from clicking the illicit “add to basket”. Buttoned down with a t-shirt underneath, or buttoned up with a tie, without a tie, sleeves up, sleeves down, it’s the Swiss Army knife of shirts. To cap it off there’s an entire plethora of colours available. For this period though I’d pick light blues, pale greens and if you’re brave enough some faded yellows. It’s not quite summer yet but these brighten up your day now and are also great for the few days of sun allocated to the Northwest.




Finally something that’s a little less safe. Officially known as a foulard, (effectively a scarf made of a very lightweight fabric) I think this is a great piece to see you through the Manchester seasons. For those who like to keep the breeze away, this will certainly help. For those who want an edge to their outfit, it will help too. An infinite choice of patterns will add some texture to your look, or some plainer versions if you want to keep it natural. With numerous ways to wear it too, whether layered with a coat, or simply just with a t-shirt. As an example I’ve picked out this one from Zara that will be a great to see you through Manchester’s beastliest days.

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