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25th November 2012

Top 5: H&M Collaborations

Gráinne Morrison takes a look back at the fashion collaborations H&M has graced us with over the years…

1) Marni – 2012

This recent collaboration was a hit with the fashion crew. Such a hit, in fact, that on its first day in store the London shop had to limit shoppers to ten minute slots each. The New York store had sold out of the collection in less than an hour.

Lanvin for H&M ad campaign. Photo: H&M

2) Lanvin – 2010

In November 2010, Lanvin provided party goers with bold frocks and statement looks. Giving those on less than A-list budgets a taste of Parisian, high-end fashion. The success of the collaboration saw H&M’s sales rise by 8%; so, apart from the unlucky latecomers, everyone was happy.

Roberto Cavalli for H&M. Photo: H&M

3) Roberto Cavalli – 2007

One of the more glamorous collaborations, Cavalli brought a splash of Italian style to the Swedish chain store. Leopard print and glitter won over dazzled shoppers. There were even reports of physical fights breaking out over the sought after items in the New York store!

Stella McCartney for H&M. Photo: H&M

4) Stella McCartney – 2005

This Brit favourite’s contribution to high street fashion came under controversy when Kate Moss( star of its ad campaign) was snapped taking cocaine. The line made its own headlines though for quality designs and happy customers.

Karl Lagerfeld for H&M. Photo: H&M

5) Karl Lagerfeld – 2004

The scandal loving designer caused a furore when he said of his line “What I designed was fashion for slender and slim people”, upset by the store’s decision to produce his line in sizes up to (shock horror!) 16. Despite his controversial comments, the line lived up to Lagerfeld’s Chanel credentials.

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