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Grainne Morrison

Grainne Morrison

Do I have to wear a suit?

Intimidated by the big bad world of workwear? Here are some pointers

The Upcycling project re-opens

The student-run charity shop initiative relaunches

Florals for Spring? Ground breaking

Pretty much the most important fashion article you’ll read this year

Review: Gelish nail polish

Fashion editor Gráinne Morrison on her new addiction

Profile: The Model Alliance

Gráinne Morrison on the the fight for better working conditions in the modelling industry

Manchester Metamorphosis

Gráinne Morrison on the sartorial influence of student life in Manchester.

As seen on my bank statement

Grainne Morrison tells us why she’s hooked on online shopping.

40 days and 40 nights

Gráinne Morrison on why she’s taking a sabbatical from shopping.

Are you a fashion snob?

Gráinne Morrison discusses a moral dilemma

Fashion Week Roundup

Gráinne Morrison reports on what we’ll all be wearing in A/W13

Red Carpet 101

Gráinne Morrison on the intricate rules of red carpet etiquette.

Drag: Is it Fashion?

Gráinne Morrison on the credibility of transvestism

Catwalk of Shame

Gráinne Morrison discusses the dilemma of the morning after.

Profile: Maria Sharapova

Gráinne Morrison on one of sport’s Best Dressed
Gráinne Morrison shares her tips on how to get in on this season’s hottest print…

The History of the Christmas Jumper

Grainne Morrison on the inevitable trend we cannot avoid this Winter…

Top 5: H&M Collaborations

Gráinne Morrison takes a look back at the fashion collaborations H&M has graced us with over the years…

How to Improve Grades and Alienate People…

Gráinne Morrison tackles the number one distraction of JRUL.

Tramp Iconic

An issue on tramp chic fashion would be nothing without mentioning Hollywood’s most stylish twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

The Lecture after the Night Before

For the girls: Gráinne Morrison tries to solve the student style dilemma faced all too often…