6th February 2013

Profile: Maria Sharapova

Gráinne Morrison on one of sport’s Best Dressed

Russian Maria Sharapova has more than proved her tennis credentials over the years, and along the way she has exhibited herself as a champion of the style courts as well. Whether it’s on the red carpet or mid-set, Sharapova demonstrates her eye for well-tailored ensembles and striking designs. In 2010, the World No. 3 launched her very own line in collaboration with Nike and Cole Haan (The Maria Sharapova Colllection), furthering her place amongst the Fashion elite.

On the court, Sharapova has demonstrated her style prowess with daring and embellished cuts, this example (see featured image) from her very own collection which she debuted at the Australian Open in 2010 demonstrates her ability to balance her career aspirations with her unique sense of style, proving that athletics and aesthetics are not mutually exclusive. Sharapova’s fashion success can be attributed to her tasteful approach to dressing; her choice of ensembles accommodate, never hinder, her game. I would even go so far to say that her performances could be improved by the confidence her stylish looks no doubt afford her. Off the tennis court, Sharapova is equally renowned for her impeccable presentation. In fact, after winning the 2004 Wimbledon tournament, one of Sharapova’s first courses of action was to hit up the Oxford Circus Topshop – yes, she’s always had her priorities right.



Snapped here in Alexander McQueen, the tennis pro excels at demonstrating strength and femininity in a delicate frock one might only associate with wafer-thin models. Female sport stars are all too often dismissed as too ‘masculine’ and are thus distanced from fashion houses like McQueen, yet Sharapova defies such stereotypes – leading the way for others who may see themselves as outside the Fashion world.

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