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10th October 2012

The Lecture after the Night Before

For the girls: Gráinne Morrison tries to solve the student style dilemma faced all too often…

We’ve all been there: you head out for a few quiet cocktails at Font and somehow end up returning home at 6am somewhat worse-for-wear. This is fine until your alarm buzzes and you remember that all important 9am seminar you absolutely cannot miss.  Getting ready in a rush is always a challenge, but when you’re lingering in that strange place between still being drunk and very hungover, whilst also in last night’s clothes, style often takes a backseat.

I have a friend who put foundation on her toothbrush in a rush to get ready for a lecture- not a great look (or taste). With the right attitude, however, one can give the appearance of a well-rested, healthy student whilst actually dying on the inside. I’m not saying we can all look like Olivia Palermo after two hours of sleep and 20 units of alcohol, but a hangover is not an excuse to look like a homeless Ian Beale. If you haven’t yet realised-the dishevelled look is popular in Manchester; girls spend an hour trying to perfect the ‘I just rolled out of bed’ look – you don’t even have to try! There is always time to wash your face, brush your teeth (with toothpaste!) and knot your hair.

Keep makeup minimal: concealer for the tired eyes, blusher to brighten the vodka-ruined complexion and mascara if you’re putting in an effort. Now for the clothes: there are a few essential items to have for those mornings when your brain is just not functioning. Black wet look leggings with an oversized white shirt is always my go-to outfit but for those of you who are braver than myself, add a statement necklace to give it more of an edge. If you’re feeling especially courageous you could take heed from Stella McCartney and brighten up your complexion with a bold and bright orange or green jumper. The most pertinent rule to remember is to avoid busy prints; you’ll find it hard enough to focus on the words you’re writing down, never mind realising halfway through your class that you’ve worn a floral top with neon tie-dye leggings.


If you can master this, you can definitely get a first in your degree. And try not to judge those fellow course mates wearing badly chosen ensembles after an ill-fated night out, not everyone reads The Mancunion…

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