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Hangover Articles

Fresh-faced for freshers

Fresh-faced for freshers

Feeling sloppy after a week of non-stop drinking? Here are our tips to minimise the effects of Freshers’s Week on your skin.
Hangxiety: What is it and what can you do about it?

Hangxiety: What is it and what can you do about it?

If you’ve been enjoying pub gardens a little too much recently, you may have experienced hanxiety. But how can you stop it?

How to detox after a heavy weekend

Sophia Macpherson discusses natural remedies to help your unavoidable post-weekend hangover

Fallowfield Freshers: your local guide to the best restaurants to visit with a hangover

Whilst the morning after a big night out is likely to be shaped by a hammering headache and acute memory loss, this pick of the best hangover hotspots in Fallowfield will guide you to recovery

Lessons Learnt: How to Make a Hungover Sunday Roast

Still feeling a fair bit sorry for myself after a rather turbulent Friday night Halloween party, on Sunday my boyfriend and I had the brilliant idea to cook us up a roast, and cook it up good. Inevitably, all did not go to plan, and I learned some valuable lessons that day, some of which […]

The big summer movie preview

Dylan Wiggan highlights pretty much every big film you’ll watch this summer

Hangover foods exposed

Beth Currall investigates the calorific truth behind fallowfields’ most love takeaways

The Lecture after the Night Before

For the girls: Gráinne Morrison tries to solve the student style dilemma faced all too often…