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20th November 2023

Simple cures to mend your hangover

We’ve all had to deal with a terrible hangover, but knowing a few simple tricks to give your body what it needs means it doesn’t have to ruin your day
Simple cures to mend your hangover
Photo: Moritz Mentges @ Unsplash

One of the most awful feelings known to man is waking up, mouth dry and head pounding and feeling as if you will never ever be able to recover. A night out and drinking may not seem worth it when you’re dealing with a hangover, and you’ll swear to yourself that you are never going to drink again until, soon enough, you find yourself hungover again.

With the winter season upon us, even if you don’t drink, the miserable weather means that we are all the more susceptible to coughs and colds and find ourselves facing various ailments. As students, it is easy to neglect taking care of ourselves in these situations but here are a few suggestions to combat sickness. Whether battling a hangover or fighting a cold, these easy solutions are small but mighty fixes to help aid you in feeling better.


One of the most tried and tested methods, (and for a reason too!) is to keep hydrated. Of course, this seems obvious, however, drinking fluids is a step in the right direction on the road to recovery. If you find yourself vomiting, be sure to find liquids that are high in electrolytes such as sports drinks to replenish those that you have lost. Soups are also a good way to drink fluids, as they contain a lot of nutrients and vitamins. Tending to dehydration, either caused by alcohol, vomiting, or any other reason, can help ease headaches and reduce fatigue and nausea.


Ginger is a great home remedy, perfect for ailing sickness and helping the body’s defences. If you want to regain strength, ginger is a simple way to support your immune system and can be consumed in many ways, tea perhaps being the easiest. Ginger has lots of benefits but mainly can help aid digestion whilst also keeping nausea at bay. It can be a healthy way to tackle a hangover and help to ease some of the worst symptoms.

Tea or Coffee

One of the most common, well-known cures for a hangover is coffee; however, this can be counterproductive as it can actively make you feel nauseous. As it is caffeinated, it can help temporarily get energy levels back up, but still leave you feeling groggy. Though it might work on some levels as a placebo effect, tea can make for a great substitute. Tea’s caffeine levels are not as high and can help to rehydrate you! Black, green and hibiscus teas all can help to make you feel more energised whilst also not upsetting your stomach.


Topping up on Vitamin B and C is recommended for both alcohol and non-alcohol-related sicknesses. Not only do these vitamins help the liver, but they also help your immune system. A glass of orange juice can help you feel better while simultaneously hydrating you. A range of fruits will help to replenish vitamins, naturally balancing your blood sugar all the while being light on an upset stomach.


Plain carbohydrates are a good option if you are feeling both hungry and sick. Toast and rice are great if you are suffering from a bad stomach and can help calm the symptoms down. Additionally, bananas are a great carb option considering they also contain potassium, one of the body’s important electrolytes, and can provide another source of vitamins.


Rest is so important, and probably one of the most important items on this list! It is understandable that sometimes, even if you do not feel well, you may feel obliged to carry on as normal. However, one of the best cures for a hangover or sickness is just resting and allowing your body to mend itself. Try not to put too much strain on yourself and rest and time will prove to be the best cure for not feeling well.

Know your limits!

What not to do! It is important that if you are drinking you know to pace yourself and look after yourself. Do not attempt to drink more to lighten the symptoms of sickness as in the long run this will prove to be futile and you will probably end up making yourself feel worse. Know your limits but always prioritise your safety and well-being. Even when you are drinking, it is important to maintain your hydration so do not forget to drink water, you’ll thank yourself the next day!

Hopefully, these tips can be a helpful and gentle reminder to take care of ourselves, especially when our bodies have been through it. A few simple measures can really help you feel better and save you from your night out ending terribly, or even just help perk you up if you are facing illness. As we approach the holiday season, remember to take care of yourselves, not drink past your limits, and most importantly, stay safe!


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