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Baby It’s Cold Outside…

It’s that time of year again when we must pause at our wardrobes and revisit the age-old debate on whether to brave the cold for beauty on a night out on the tiles. As the weather gets colder and our options more limited, we begin to wonder, is there a loophole in this dilemma?

Dilemma 1: The Coat

The coat is a staple winter piece we return to when the winds begin to change, but when we exchange our lip balm for lipstick the coat no longer becomes a feasible option (unless you want the burden of the dreaded cloak room). A trend hard to pull off on a night out, the coat tends to ruin our outfits by detracting from our carefully put together ensemble and inconveniently weighing down our arms. Equally as detrimental to our entrance, goose bumps and a chattering jaw. These are simply not an option. So what is the answer?

We recommend investing in a staple leather jacket. Not only able to keep you warm, the leather jacket is versatile and can be used to put an edge on any outfit throughout the Christmas season. It can be worn with your favourite jeans, boots and purple lipstick to create a classic tough chic look, or it can be thrown over your sparkly LBD and teamed with a clutch for the perfect Christmas drinks attire.

N.B. When it comes to faux or real leather we suggest you splurge rather than save. Not only will it keep you that little bit warmer in the winter winds, it will last you plenty of seasons to come. Although pricey, you can’t beat this All Saints Walker Leather Biker Jacket for £350.


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Dilemma 2: The Bottom Half

With cupboards brimming with crop tops we need something warm yet stylish to pair with them for these winter months. Unfortunately, our standard high waisted denim shorts from summer’s festival season no longer have the same effect when paired with tights and project the image that we are too lazy to rethink our wardrobes for the coldest season of they year.

Luckily for us, this year is all about the bottom half alternatives, which means our outfits no longer depend on finding the perfect top. Instead opt for a plain tee and make your statement by sporting some of the unique styled leggings on offer this winter, which can be seen in most high street chains such as Topshop.

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Another option is to go with classic denim jeans; light, dark, grey or black, jeans have always been simple yet flattering for all body types. At the moment we love “boyfriend jeans”, especially the vintage renewal Levi 501s, which not only look great, but also hide our bellies bloated by mulled wine and mince pies. Purchased at most vintage outlets, these Levis pay tribute to the ever-growing androgynous trend and if you are really strapped for cash in the Christmas season you can always raid your boyfriend’s wardrobe.

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So this winter season don’t be discouraged by frost and snow, see the ever-dropping temperature as an opportunity to explore different avenues of fashion rather than sticking to what you know!


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