19th February 2013

How to: ’60s Eyes

Halee Wells shows you how to achieve a classic 1960s make-up look

Step 1: Add a pale coloured base to your eyes, this can be anything from white, pale blue, pale pink or any pastel colours. Blend with your finger or a brush, pushing it up to the brow bone, in the inner corner of the eye and under the lower lash line.


picture: Halee Wells


Step 2: Draw a line in a rainbow shape into the crease of your eye using a black kohl eyeliner. Then blend using an eye shadow brush. This may look a bit silly at this point but sit tight, you’ll soon be giving Twiggy a run for her money.


picture: Halee Wells

Step 3: Go over the lash line with a black liquid liner, starting from the inner corner to the outer corner. Try not to take your flick too high as this is more of a rounded eye look than a feline shape. A great liquid liner to use for this is Maybelline Master Precise liquid eyeliner, which is great if you haven’t got the steadiest of hands.


picture: Halee Wells

Step 4: This is the crucial part for that ’60s look. Firstly, draw along the lower lash line with a white or pale kohl pencil. I use Benefit Eye Bright pencil, which is perfect for this look. Next, using the tip of your mascara wand, coat your bottom lashes. Make sure you are dragging the lashes downwards, making them as long as you can. Give them two or three coats so they really stand out.


Picture: Halee Wells

Step 5: Coat the top lashes in mascara, again dragging them upwards and not to the side. You won’t need too much though, as the focus is really on the bottom lashes here.


And that is it, you’re on trend ’60s eye for Spring 2013. Twiggy who?

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