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Halee Wells

Halee Wells

Meet the tartans

Halee Wells discusses this season’s hottest new trend.

DIY: Fuss-free uni hair

Here’s Halee to show us a cute new hairstyle to try this Autumn.

Beauty: the picks of summer

The best thing about being an intern this summer was certainly the pay cheques. I couldn’t wait to have funds for the whole year; all of the swanky nights out, Taste The Difference meals, maybe even some shiny new textbooks. But did I manage to save any of my hefty balance? Of course not. Aside […]

Tacky-chic or tacky-freak?

Halee Wells discusses how to make our guilty pleasure makeup items really work

Oh na-na, what’s the point? Rihanna’s collection hits a bum note

Halee Wells reviews Rihanna’s new collaboration with River Island

Spring 2013 makeup trends

Halee Wells discusses the must-have looks for your face this spring

How To: Colour pop

Halee Wells decides whether this season’s guilty pleasure makeup trend is wearable or downright unbearable

The best and worst makeup looks of the award shows

Halee Wells discusses who looked queen of the Grammys and who looked queen of the Grannies this award season.

Review: Acrylic nails

Halee Wells discusses whether acrylic nails are really worth the hype

How to: ’60s Eyes

Halee Wells shows you how to achieve a classic 1960s make-up look

How To: Come-to-bed eyes

Make up pro Halee Wells shows you how to achieve the perfect sexy eye during this month of love.

Underwear as Outerwear

Halee Wells discusses one of fashion’s most high risk but fabulous trends.

Make up to get down

Halee Wells tackles the age-old problem of workout make-up.