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Tacky-chic or tacky-freak?

Hands up if you have one of these items laying forgotten at the bottom of your makeup bag: bright colour eye shadows, a tangerine bronzer, various lip liners and some crusty false lashes.

I know I have all of them, but I think it’s about time we put to use these items we just can’t let go of.

Bright blue blunder

Luckily this season is all about the colour pop. So don’t fret, your childhood Miss Sporty shadows can come out to play this spring. Smudge the shadow across the lids and blend with a brush for a subtle flash of colour, or wet your brush and draw a line with the shadow under the lower lashes, very on trend for 2013. Add two coats of mascara and you are good to go.

Satsuma Shimmer

How many of you were going for bronzed goddess and created something a little more Sainsbury’s bag? We’ve all been there, but you really can make an orange bronze work. Instead of brushing the product onto your cheeks, try contouring instead. Pull a ridiculous looking fish face and you’re half way there. This expression will create hollows in your cheeks, so dabble some bronzer into those and blend upwards towards your ears. Then add highlighter onto the top of your cheekbones, again blending up to your ears. Stars like Kim Kardashian are famous for using this makeup trick, which will instantly give your face structured cheekbones and a subtle glow.



Tips for lips

I have recently rediscovered my love for lip liner. It will make your lipstick appear more pigmented and even stay on for longer. If like me, you want to channel Angelina Jolie, then this makeup item is essential. Grab a lip liner of a similar colour to the lipstick you want to apply, and lightly trace around the outside of your lips. Once you are happy with the shape, trace a further line around this, following the natural shape of your lips. Your pout will instantly look fuller, then fill in your lips with a few swipes of lipstick and blend the colours with your finger.



So there you have it, leave your velour tracksuit at home girls, tacky just got classy!

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