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13th February 2013

Underwear as Outerwear

Halee Wells discusses one of fashion’s most high risk but fabulous trends.

Debuting on catwalks in 2010, underwear as outerwear is certainly not for the fainthearted fashionistas out there. Don’t worry, we’re not talking about wandering between lectures flashing a thong over your leggings, this is about the more subtle fashion trend from the past few seasons. Whether it’s flaunting some cheeky stocking tights or going the whole hog in a corset body, you’ll be right on trend.

This isn’t such a new look though, A-List stars have been attempting to bring lingerie-chic to the limelight for some time now. From high fashion to mainstream, this trend has swooped across stages, music videos and TV shows, slowly creeping its way on to our high streets.

The trend branches right back to the 16th and 17th century where catching a glimpse of pretty undergarments became a style must. Although the modern take on underwear as outerwear has become a lot more risqué, with strong celebrity fashion statements, such as Britney garishly flashing her pink thong in the “I’m a slave for you” video or Madonna’s infamous cone bra. However you may not find such items gracing the high street, with 2013 taking a much more subtle feminine approach. With stunning embellished bralets and lacy tops, you can still rock the trend this year without looking like a walking Ann Summers ad.

Past seasons have shown elaborate bra straps, gorgeous slips and a dramatic increase in the sales of ‘pasties’, also known as nipple tassels! But what is classy and what is downright trashy? Queuing for Sankeys in your underwear isn’t going to get you any fashion points. Think subtle colours such as black, nudes or soft pinks. Chiffon shirts will look great with a black bra underneath, or a splash of leather without looking too Anastasia Steele. Or if you haven’t made your mind up yet on this daring craze, look out for a simple bandage dress or suspender tights to complete your look. Bra-vo!

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