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DIY: Fuss-free uni hair

So you thought you snoozed your alarm this morning, but you’ve turned it off. Shit.

You’ve got 30 minutes to make it down Oxford Road corridor before you miss yet again another seminar this week. Sound familiar? Do not fret, you can look cute for your crush with this quick and easy uni friendly up-do, and all you’ll need is a bobble!

1. Dry Shampoo

photo 1

A cheeky spritz of dry shampoo will not only make your hair look instantly clean, it will give your hair volume and staying power all day! Not bad for £1.99…

2. Back Comb

photo 2

Volume doesn’t just have to be for nights out, make your up-do bigger by back combing at the roots, or skip this step for a more sleek looking style.

3. Tie it up

photo 3

Tie the hair into a bun as normal, but instead you want to leave a bit of a ‘tail’ out of it to create the bow. Try to leave about 5-10 centimetres depending on how messy you want the bow; the longer, the looser.

4. Make the bow

photo 5

Part the bow into two and grab the ‘tail’. Pull the tail over the bow and tuck it under the bobble. For a messier style, tease the bow by pulling bits out. Who knew chic could be so simple?

5. Hairspray

You might not have the staying power of a 9-5 uni day, but your hair will! Hold the can an arm’s length from your head and spray all over.

Voíla. Bow down for your new favourite up-do!

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