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Beauty: the picks of summer

The best thing about being an intern this summer was certainly the pay cheques. I couldn’t wait to have funds for the whole year; all of the swanky nights out, Taste The Difference meals, maybe even some shiny new textbooks. But did I manage to save any of my hefty balance? Of course not.

Aside from blowing a lot of it on, well, rather pointless things, I did manage to purchase plenty of new beauty products this summer which are now in my beauty holy grail staples.

So as I look for a new job, here is a list of my top 5 summer beauty picks:


OPI Nail Lacquer

Personally, I never understood why anyone would pay £11.50 for a nail varnish. There are plenty of good brands on the market such as Barry M who do a range of colours for as low as £2.99. However on return from Ibiza this summer, I thought and I would treat myself with my spare euros. And boy was it worth it! If you want nail varnish that dries instantly, doesn’t chip and with amazing colour payoff, go for OPI. Definitely worth the splurge girls!



Believe it or not, this American based hair care brand is sold in Europe, America, and well anywhere but Australia really. However do not fret, their products will certainly give your hair the bounce of an Aussie kangaroo. Plenty of stores such as Boots seem to stock Aussie on a 3 for £10 offer, or 3 for 2, an offer not to be missed. My favourite is their 3 minute miracle conditioner, which leaves hair silky smooth and super shiny.


LUSH face masks

“What’s that smell?” We all love walking past a LUSH store to give our nostrils a little treat, but next time give your skin a piece of the action too! LUSH isn’t all about bath bombs and soaps, they have a wide range of face masks and scrubs too. This summer I decided to take the plunge and see what magic was inside those little black pots. Their cupcake facemask smells good enough to eat and at £5.95 for a generous pot, it is amazing for oilier skin.  Don’t forget to pop it in the fridge though, as their preservative free products don’t last forever.


Let’s get naked

Urban Decay’s Naked eye shadow palette has been raved about amongst many beauty gurus. I borrowed my friend Stephanie’s palette every night on holiday, and after a week’s worth of compliments about my eyes, I had to buy one for myself. Beautiful metallics and stunning matte’s, these shadows should be in every girl’s handbag. Retailing at £37 in Debenhams it isn’t cheap, but it’ll make you look like the most expensive girl in the room.


MAC Strobe Cream

Last and definitely not least, is an innovative product from the most renowned makeup brand around. Strobe cream is a mixture of a highlighter and a moisturiser, with 101 different ways to use it. Once I have done my foundation, I use my finger to blend the cream down my nose, across my cheek bones and onto my cupids bow. If you want that Victoria Secret glow, strobe cream is a makeup bag must.

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