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1st March 2013

Breasts: Their wonders uncovered

Molly Allen explains why size shouldn’t matter when it comes to boobs.

Molly explains why women should stop worrying and start liking their breasts.

Breasts, boobs, tits, knockers, jugs. As Julia Roberts famously said in Notting Hill, “Every second person in the world has them, what’s all the fuss about?” Why do men covet breasts but women despise them? In some serious cases, they have even been considered to be an affliction.

Having attended an all-girls school, boob discussion was a frequent activity. Hours were spent reassuring a particularly flat chested friend that her tiny buds would one day blossom into fabulous double Ds and we were in awe of my best friend’s gigantic (and surprisingly heavy) GGs. However, both of these girls have said that in an ideal world, they would like to change their breasts. Both have uttered those unholy words, “I hate my boobs!”

Women seem to think that the ideal female has long blonde hair, a washboard stomach, miniscule waist and an E cup to boot. Unfortunately the majority of us are not as fortunate to have the naturally beautiful breasts of Scarlett Johansson, but that doesn’t mean we can’t fake it. Ann Summers boasts some fabulous ‘push your tits up so they’re by your chin’ bras, for instance. Increasing focus on the lingerie market means that we’re swamped with various lacy or silky ensembles, all claiming to make our boobs look incredible. However, this obsession with breasts has led to more permanent measures being taken, such as surgery. With botched boob jobs and exploding implants, women are being exposed to serious health risks, all in the name of the perfect pair. The question is, why do women put themselves through this?

I am of the belief that you should embrace ‘the twins’ regardless. Why waste all this time focusing on what you don’t like about yourself when you can think of the positives? Your boobs will be with you your whole life. Admittedly one day they could end up down by your knees, but, until that day comes, enjoy the pertness that comes with youth. So what if one nipple is higher than the other? No matter what their shape, size or pertness, the truth is that your breasts will always be appreciated by someone. Just make sure that, most importantly, you embrace them as well!

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