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Art in Mancunia: William McCullion/Tilda James

Art in Mancunia: William McCullion/Tilda James

Daisy Culver looks at the confessional poetry of William McCullion- nom de plume Tilda James- which explores the body, gender, mental health and Manchester

Body of missing Manchester student found on Oxford Road construction site

The body of missing University of Manchester student Charlie Bartlett has been found just off Oxford Road
As feminism attempts to concur all, it cannot be denied that female sexuality is a taboo that causes mixed responses from the feminist community. Kim Kardashian, Emily Ratajkowski and Emma Watson’s recent controversy are claiming that there bodies and their sexuality do not contradict their feminism. This week Jenny Knowles has a look at how sex sells in fashion and, whether it’s the women who profit?

The bodies nobody cares about

The media and societal spin on body image is causing dangerous consequences for a generation of body dysmorphic men; what can we do?

Breasts: Their wonders uncovered

Molly Allen explains why size shouldn’t matter when it comes to boobs.