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Sex sells

In modern day society, feminism is at the peak of interest and discussion – and with it the unstoppable empowerment of the female body.

The fashion industry is doubtlessly a platform on which this has always been particularly obvious. For example, Victoria’s Secret models claim the majority of the places of the top 10 earning models in the world, but is it truly the designs that sell the VS lingerie or is it the glossy-haired, long-legged, beautifully bronzed models that strut them up and down the catwalk that make the image of this global brand so iconic? Women strive to be like these models and men strive to be with women like them.

Gisele Bündchen was named 1st on Forbes top-earning models list in 2012 and listed among the most powerful women in the entire world. It is no coincidence that these two factors correlate. The gorgeous Bündchen reined as one of the Victoria’s Secret Angels between 2000 and 2007 and is said to be one of the only true ‘supermodels’. And it’s not just the models that have the power positions in the fashion industry, women who work in fashion are amongst the few industries where women are paid more than men.

It is no longer frowned upon, but celebrated for women to use their sexuality to their advantage and the fashion industries know that this works every time as a selling point. With ‘sex’ no longer a taboo word but an extremely evident and spoken-about subject, industries are free to use and exhibit it how they please, liberating the female body and setting an example for women everywhere that it is ok to be proud of the figure you have. Using the female body to gain strength and empowerment is something men can’t do, and something all women should.

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