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Manchester students to run 24 hour gaming event

On the 27th, the Manchester Gaming Society will be having a charity event in the kilburn building. Over the past year, we’ve attempted to bring video games out of the artificial light of our screens, blinking into the sun of society, and this weekend we plan to return to our artificial lights in the collab rooms for a full 24 hours from 2pm on the Saturday. Everyone is free to attend, with donations being voluntary. However, please register with us quickly so the porters know you’re coming.

We plan to cater to as many interests as possible, so let us know if there’s anything you want to see. At the moment we’re going to have league of legends, starcraft, fighting games, a variety of consoles and a stream, anyone who wants to bring their own equipment to play is free to do so, including PCs should they be able to transport them! The University has graciously allowed us to use their WiFi, so laptops are possibly a better option if one doesn’t have a wireless adapter or card.

For those who want to stay for the full 24 hours, there will be areas to eat, and other events of this type have found that dominos will indeed deliver to the kilburn building – computer scientists apparently needing pizza too.

The event can be found here:

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