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30th September 2013

Top 5: One-Eyed Movie Characters

These guys may be partially sighted, but they still know how to pack a punch

Having eyes is pretty mainstream.  This optically challenged crew is made up of the most fearsome individuals in cinematic history and their monovision actually works in their favour, making them even more memorable.  They are also infinitely cooler than those bloody one-ears.

5. One Eye – Valhalla Rising

Why is he called One Eye you ask? Well, that would be because he only has one eye.  This is no hindrance to the mute demi-god warrior of Winding Refn’s 2009 masterpiece Valhalla Rising. Partial to a spot of disembowelment or a nice, refreshing hallucinogenic beverage.

4. Elle Driver aka California Mountain Snake – Kill Bill

Femme Fatale nemesis of The Bride in Tarantino’s superb martial arts double bill. Weaknesses: Low ceilings, lampshades to the face, Kung Fu moves of the eye removing variety.

3. Sauron/The Great Eye – The Lord of the Rings

Omniscient fireball perched atop the dark tower of Barad-Dur. Hell bent on finding the One Ring (he spends over 9 hours doing this, though it’s more like 12 if you have the special edition DVDs), he has serious anger issues which he can’t seem to keep a lid on…

2. Number Two – Austin Powers

Gambling addict with built in laser vision, cleverly concealed behind his devilish eye patch. Unless you like to live dangerously, playing Blackjack with this cyborg swindler is not advised.

1. Cyclops – The 7th Voyage of Sinbad

The late, great animator Ray Harryhausen brings the stop motion beastie to glorious life in this 1958 classic. Although Homer purists may begrudge the theft of the man eating monster from The Odyssey, it’s still fun to watch him battle a dragon and crush hapless sailors with a tree trunk.

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