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Exclusive: Inside the Unit with emus on treadmills

Exclusive: Inside the Unit with emus on treadmills

The Unit features thousands of mice, rats, and fish to help research in dementia, Alzheimer’s, and cancer among others

A student life: UOM Board Games Society

Meet Jon Bebb, one Philosophy student finding the time to balance a PhD with his contrasting role as Social Sec for the UOM Board Games Society

Cruel Britannia: ABBA, Churchill and the new fiver

Jack Ashworth looks at what Churchill’s face on the new five pound note says about Britain

How Europe tackles tuition fees

With tuition fees on the rise in the UK, how are other European countries managing university costs for their students?

Record Reappraisal: Razorlight – Razorlight

Tariq Salarbux revisits Razorlight’s sophomore album, the 2000s, and the birth of landfill indie

Watch the Tapes: Are Cassettes Making a Comeback?

Cassette tape sales are the highest in decades. But what is drawing people back to the much-maligned medium?

The Book vs. the Kindle

With the ever looming start of term approaching fast how are you going to be catching up on your reading?

Keeping the Faith

Film Editor Sophie James explores the mixed relationship between the Bible and film

Top 5: Awkward sex scenes

Lloyd Hammett gives us his Top 5 scenes we’d probably all rather forget

The 2014 Oscars and the ‘Victim Narrative’

Sarah Murray discusses The Wolf of Wall Street’s place amongst the hard-hitting Oscar-nominated narratives this year

Contrary Corner: ‘Rush’ really grinds my gears

For Tom Bruce, ‘Rush’ was somewhat of a cinematic false-start

Great Danes

Film editor Sophie James discusses how the talent of one country is leaving its mark on the world of TV and cinema

Animation Comes of Age: How grown ups can laugh with the kids too

Suraj Vara discusses how, when it comes to comedy, animated movies cater for all ages

Dating for the 4G generation

What does the recent rise of mobile dating app Tinder have to say about the way our generation views romance? Our sceptical Lifestyle Editor gives her verdict…

Review: Thor: The Dark World

Nicole Rankine reviews the latest installment in the Thor franchise

Top 5: Storms on screen

 Our good nation weathered quite a storm a fortnight ago, but it’s not over yet. Get ready to batten down the proverbial hatches once more because this list features some of the worst weather ever seen on the silver screen.   5. The Day After Tomorrow (2004) One of the more believable and well-acted disaster […]

Cornerhouse Pick of the Week: Philomena

Our Cornerhouse Pick of the Week is Stephen Frears’ latest cinematic hit

Contrary Corner: Why I’m not an “Iron Fan”

Jackson Ball gives us his take on the ‘Iron Man’ trilogy

Top 5: Actors You Wish Were Your Dad

Francesca Tyler gives us her top 5 fatherly figures in film

Contrary Corner: The Desolation of Smaug? More like The Desolation of Tolkien!

Tom tells us why he is one of the few to hate The Hobbit