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21st October 2013

Top 5: Actors You Wish Were Your Dad

Francesca Tyler gives us her top 5 fatherly figures in film

Not everyone’s Dads are as great as these guys, so if you’re not a fan of yours, one of these may be more suitable.

5. Adam Sandler

This guy won’t normally come top of any lists but Big Daddy creates an exception that is a fatherly favourite. His parenting skills are questionable but who wouldn’t love poker games, swearing, and peeing on the street at 5 years old?

4. Hugh Laurie

It is normal to sound like your parents, so a lot of time should be spent with this Dad and his beautiful accent.

3. Morgan Freeman

This soothing voice of reason can look after you from the heavens or protect you in the old west. You can also be proud that he helped create racial harmony.  He is perfection.

2. Eugene Levy

Despite his obvious flaws, no one can help but love ‘Jim’s Dad.’ His innocence, his wisdom, and his beautiful eyebrows are all things to admire. It may take a few bonding sessions but you will grow to love him unlike the stern Jimmy Murtaugh. Might even bagsie a hot stepmum like Carmen Electra or Stiffler’s mom.

1. Liam Neeson

Many things are important in fatherhood but protection comes high up on the list. The smooth-talking Neeson can protect you from any harm with his skills and intelligence. When this isn’t necessary he can help your 12-year-old self to score your first girlfriend. Hero.

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