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Tom Bruce Articles

Preview: Godzilla

Tom Bruce previews the much-anticipated ‘Godzilla’ movie

Review: Robocop

According to Tom Bruce, the 1987 ‘Robocop’ was in no need of a re-boot

Contrary Corner: ‘Rush’ really grinds my gears

For Tom Bruce, ‘Rush’ was somewhat of a cinematic false-start

Cornerhouse Pick of the Week: How to Survive a Plague

Tom Bruce reviews this powerful documentary that should be on everyone’s watch list

Review: Dom Hemingway

Hard living safe cracker Dom Hemingway (Law) is set loose in London after a 12 year prison sentence. Pairing up with best friend Dickie (Grant), Dom seeks out financial reward for his loyalty to underworld boss Mr. Fontaine (Bichir).    ‘’Crazy night, last night. Dickie lost a glove and everything.’’ Jude Law spent a summer […]

Top 5: Storms on screen

 Our good nation weathered quite a storm a fortnight ago, but it’s not over yet. Get ready to batten down the proverbial hatches once more because this list features some of the worst weather ever seen on the silver screen.   5. The Day After Tomorrow (2004) One of the more believable and well-acted disaster […]

Contrary Corner: The Desolation of Smaug? More like The Desolation of Tolkien!

Tom tells us why he is one of the few to hate The Hobbit

Top 5: One-Eyed Movie Characters

These guys may be partially sighted, but they still know how to pack a punch