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18th November 2013

Top 5 male beauty products

Who says beauty is just for women? Jake Pummintr shows us his top 5 picks!

All images: Writer’s own

1. Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Scrub for Men – £21

This scrub leaves your skin feeling buffed and beautiful. Its apricot kernels eliminate dead skin and remnants of rough facial hair. Whilst the general rule is that scrubs should be used sporadically, this is not too harsh meaning you can give your face the daily clean it probably requires, being a student…


2. Label M Volume Mousse – £12.95

Rather than spending ages perfecting your quiff, side-parting or out-of-bed look (yes, we are aware this requires effort, contrary to what you would have us believe), simply work the mousse through damp hair before drying. It gives the hair an easily mouldable texture and only a touch-up of wax is necessary.


3. Kiehl’s Squadron Shaving Cream – £15


Being half Asian, my facial hair tends to resemble Mulan’s Father’s beard somewhat. Whilst this works for other people, it really doesn’t for myself so I have to shave everyday. If you are like me, the benefits of this cream are twofold: you can achieve a quick and successful dry-shave, whilst also being far less messy than typical shaving gels.


4. Signature scent(s) – Grey Vetiver by Tom Ford – £78

A collection of two or three signature scents really is a must-have for every modern gentleman. We all have that one friend who smells of B.O. and just as you associate him/her with an unpleasant musk, you could be the guy who always smells great. It really does go a long way…


5. Garnier Under-eye Roll-on – £10.49

Following most nights out comes the inevitable rush to the nine a.m. lecture in Sam Alex the morning after. If you have missed your window for getting washed, then this roll-on is a godsend. Use on the under-eyes to give the impression of a long night’s slumber, even if everything else screams drunken regret.

Jake Pummintr

Jake Pummintr

Second year student of English Literature and Spanish at the University of Manchester. One of two Fashion Editors of The Mancunion this academic year.

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